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The Best Way to Remove

Concrete, Cement, Grout,

Hard Water Deposits, Mortar,

Mud, Plaster, Lime & Lime Scale

Clean Anything with Liquid Hammer!

Liquid Hammer is non corrosive, biodegradeable and safe to use on virtually all surfaces.
Liquid Hammer can remove concrete, cement, grout, hard water deposits, mortar, plaster, lime and scale buildup
- from small machines, bathrooms all the way to large machinery and buildings.

Ready Mix Trucks

Concrete Pumps

Concrete Kibbles


Concrete Conveyors

Cement Mixers



Colorbond Fencing

Scaffold Planks


Scissor Lifts

Magnets & Shutters

Hard Water Deposits

Power Trowels

Concrete Vibrators

How to use Liquid Hammer

Liquid Hammer is best applied as a foam which sticks to the concrete and is absorbed. It re-hydrates the concrete, for easy removal by rinsing or pressure washing the surface.

  • Step 1

    Use Liquid Hammer Concentrate with a Foaming Sprayer for best results

  • Step 2

    Liquid Hammer is sprayed as foam

  • Step 3

    The foam sticks to the concrete - less waste

  • Step 4

    Liquid Hammer dissolves the concrete

  • Step 5

    Hard concrete is turned into a paste and easily removed

Foaming Sprayers

There is a range of hand held pump up FOAMING sprayers for small machinery and building cleaning
from 1L to 12L, and also large 14L to 100L tank sprayers for larger machinery.
All these sprayers make FOAM which clings to the concrete to be removed - cleaning the building/machine not the ground

Manual Foamer

F10 Foamer 10.0 L
Product Code: 000000

Manual Foamer

LH 5 Lt Sprayer
Product Code: 202485

Manual Foamer

LH 3 Lt Sprayer
Product Code: 202493

Manual Foamer

F2 Foamer 2.0L
Product Code: 000000

Air Powered Foamer

AF Foamer 10 L
Product Code: 00000

Air Powered Foamers

Fat Boy Foamer 14, 24, 50 & 100 L
Product Code: 242101 - 242104

Air Powered Foamer

80 Lt Foam Cart
Product Code: 240925

Foaming Station

Continuous Supply of LH
Product Code: 240500

What sizes can I buy it in?

Liquid Hammer is available in Concentrate form in 5, 20, 200 and 1000L.
It is also available in easy "Ready to Use" 1:1 Diluted forms in 200ml pocket foamer,
750ml trigger bottles and 200L drums for higher volume users.



1000 Lt Concentrate
Product Code: 1700LH-1000


200 Lt Concentrate
Product Code: 1700LH-0200


20 Lt Concentrate
Product Code: 1700LH-0020


5 Lt Concentrate
Product Code: 1700LH-0005

Ready to Use

Ready To Use

200 Lt Ready to use
Product Code: 17LHRTU-0200

Ready To Use

20 Lt Ready to Use
Product Code: 17LHRTU-0020

Ready To Use

750 ml Ready to use trigger bottle
Product Code: 1700LH-0750

Ready To Use

200 ml Ready to use foamer
Product Code: 1700LH-F200


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Flowcrete Demo

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