Instructions for Use


Use LIQUID HAMMER in conditions that will prevent the surface to be cleaned from drying out too quickly (do not apply in very hot, sunny or windy conditions).

LIQUID HAMMER is most effective when used in shaded areas or during evening hours. Always test LIQUID HAMMER in a small area first.

LIQUID HAMMER is best applied using a foaming sprayer. Depending on the sprayer you use, you will get different thickness or qualities of foam.

Recommended Dilution Ratio

PurposeLiquid HammerWater
For Old Concrete1 Litre1 Litre
For Fresh Concrete1 Litre3 Litre

Apply LIQUID HAMMER generously and wait for 15 minutes, or until the foam has turned the concrete into a paste. With heavy buildup or older concrete LIQUID HAMMER may need to be re-applied if a paste does not form. Several applications may be required, and/or brushing. Once a paste has formed, rinse with water and agitate or pressure wash.

NB: LIQUID HAMMER will also act as a degreaser as well as removing concrete/cement.

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