How does Liquid Hammer work?

A. LIQUID HAMMER reverses the hardening of cement. It re-hydrates the mortar or concrete back into a paste.

How long can I keep Liquid Hammer in my machinery?

A. You can leave LIQUID HAMMER on as long as you want and apply as often as you want to remove concrete. Even make a bath to soak your tools!

Should I dilute the concentrate?

A. Yes, we recommend dilution with water as this helps keep the surface moist. For old concrete use a water to concentrate ratio of 1:1 and for fresh concrete use a 3:1 ratio. The 750 ml Trigger bottle is ready to use and does not need to be diluted.

The concrete has turned white but has not shifted.

A. The surface has dried out too quickly or the concrete is too old and requires repeated applications. Simply re-wet the surface with more LIQUID HAMMER foam, repeat until the surface blisters, then agitate or rinse.

Will Liquid Hammer affect my paintwork?

A. No. LIQUID HAMMER is non-corrosive so it will not damage your machinery. It has been tested on painted surfaces, timber, glass and metal surfaces. For your reassurance, however, it is recommended that a small test patch be applied first.

Will Liquid Hammer work on old concrete as well as new?

A. Yes. Old concrete is harder and stronger than new concrete. Moderate to severe build-up may require regular applications over a period of days or weeks.

Do I need to wear safety gear?

A. LIQUID HAMMER is non-corrosive and very mild to skin, however, gloves and eye protection should be worn to protect the user, as with any cleaning product.

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